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The company is located in San Martino di Lupari north of the Province of Padua and has a 12,000 square meter indoor plant in a property covering 140,000 square meters in total.


Arcasa's entrepreneurial adventure was started by Gino Sartor in 1982 under the name "La commissionaria Veneta". Together with his wife Vanna he launched an activity in the manufacture and wholesale of household cleaning products, to meet all consumer requirements in compliance with high efficiency and quality standards.

Success came in 1997, WITH THE PROFESSIONAL HELP OF THEIR CHILDREN DEVIS AND CRISTIAN AND WITH THE CREATION AND REGISTRATION OF THE ARCASA® TRADEMARK, together with the slogan "on clean wings". Arcasa decided to use the new name both as a company and brand name for its products. Arcasa's undisputed strong points include the capacity to merge the determination typical of a family-run business with that of a united and dynamic group of collaborators in full harmony with business objectives and the modus operandi of the executive group.

The Arcasa brand has long been present in all groups of Italian Large Scale Retail Trade [G.D.O.] and Mass Distribution [D.O.] and the Company increasingly active in the manufacture of private label products. It is also gauging its commercial activity toward foreign markets where some important collaborations with chains of primary importance have started.


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