Lifestyle trends, the increase in the range of materials used for flooring and the growing demand for designer products have directed the creation of models that must match the practicality and the ease of use of fibres adapted to the surfaces to be cleaned which must meet the increasing demands of consumers.

More than any other company, Arcasa has contributed to the evolution of mops and brooms, which it produces internally in a wide range, in cotton and fabric.

In creating its line of brooms, research is carried out not only in the choice of the fibres (this is a fundamental component that identifies the final use, quality and efficiency of a broom), but also in product handling and aesthetics.

In recent years, the company has developed in particular Mosè, the most innovative bucket, which was already available on the market in the nineties, and split microfibre cloths in the Prestige line of products, a special microfibre with a greater capacity for absorption.


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