Arcasa has decided to be an environmentally-friendly company.

Arcasa has always been eco-friendly. It has dedicated a great deal of ecological attention to the fibres used in its products and it has opted for recyclable fibres derived from recycled PET materials, for example for brooms.


The "Natural" sponge is made of pure unbleached cellulose combined with abrasive fibres; it is manufactured by combining fibres in post-consumer recycled polyester with Sisal fibres and crushed shells of various vegetable origin and post-consumer recycled powdered glass.


In addition, since 1999, concerns for the environment and its environmentally-friendly corporate purpose led Arcasa to make their business "greener": this took the form of a 4000 sqm photovoltaic plant on the roof of the farm for the production of clean energy, with a consequent reduction in Co2 emissions.


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