• Floor Cloths

    Arcasa's activities began with the production of honeycomb, twill or loop weave cotton floor cloths with filigree fabric. Market trends have created a need for specific cloths for cleaning all materials.


    Handy all-round Multipurpose Cloths

    Arcasa provides a wide range of multi-purpose microfibre, cotton and fabric cloths. Their versatility makes these cloths perfect for cleaning any washable surface. A few years ago, they catered for a niche market. Nowadays, they have become a mass-produced product.

    Glass Cloths

    Specific cloths for cleaning glass, mirrors and windows. These cloths are highly absorbent and strong: they don't streak and they remove stains and fingerprints from glazed surfaces.


    Kitchen Cloths

    Fabric or microfibre kitchen cloths, perfect for cleaning and drying cooktops, sinks, kitchen shelves and all washable surfaces. These cloths remove even the most difficult dirt without scratching.



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